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First off, to the “Say what?” review that another submitted with 1 star - I’m able to hear the episodes perfectly fine. If you’re having trouble, it may be your own device or slow connection that’s the problem! Personally I can’t hear much straight from my phone, but when I hook up to bluetooth speaker I’m then able to hear things loud and clear. PEOPLE - don’t let this review deter you from giving this podcast a chance. Personally, I am THOROUGHLY enjoying Laura Giles’ animist perspective on a variety of topics. Animism appeals to me since it allows space for different beliefs, cultures, traditions, and freedom of the exploration of one’s own mind - in contrast to the arrogance, dogma and inflexibility often found with established religion. It upholds the idea of sovereignty, which Laura addresses in the podcast. Her background as a social worker lends a discernment that many are lacking in a broken world. She’s a modern sage with a straight-forward and honest approach, who emanates a sound mind and grounding presence that I feel the uprooted would benefit from.